Word Up!

Word Up 16

The word-up from the #Sidelines today is ‘diligence’.


It deserves my Rah-Rah! this Sunday.

This word represents ‘careful and persistent work or effort.’

Some of it’s descriptive synonyms are listed as –

…effort, conscientiousness, perseverance, tenacity, dedication and commitment.

And it’s behind every success story we read or hear about.

Surely, every one of us knows someone that fits this diligence definition.

Because that someone is usually inspirational and successful.

And they’re proof-positive that hard work reaps rewards.

So who comes to mind when you think of their ‘diligence’?

What have you learned from them?

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8 Comments on “Word Up!”

  1. SteveO

    I can’t begin to explain what I’ve learned from you Debbie. YOU personify diligence, and set a standard we can all aspire to!

  2. Debby

    OML – this knocked me out, SteeVO. Wowsa! What a lavish comment. And I can certainly write the same about you. Word for word! Grand thanks, pal.

  3. SteveO

    One was to you – the other was from my AutoCorrect (again) to someone called Debb’ie’. You can delete the first one, I don’t even know who she is ha ha! SteeeeVO

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