Word Portraits

Word Portraits 11

I love words.

They’re black, white, colourful and significant.

They’re meant for communicating and we’re the only species to use them.

(I certainly enjoy using them as a Voice Over Talent.)

Words are used to share ideas and information of all kinds.

Their exchange is such a basic necessity of life, ‘eh?

And even though we’re not all artists –

…we all “paint” with our words.

We create fascinating pictures that will enhance our communication.

In essence, we produce “word portraits” so others can easily visualise what we’re trying to express.

And when we express ourselves well, our visual messages are all the more interesting.

Word Portraits 8

Word Portraits 6

Fun Fact:
A Word/Text portrait is art where the layout and design of text creates an art piece. Usually, the layout and the words itself are meaningful to the overall creation.  This type of art can create beautiful portraits, influential figures in history created from text from famous quotes, poems or speeches. You also can have word clouds in backgrounds or in the shape of objects to create interesting effects.

What kind of words best describe you and/or your voice?

I appreciate you + our views, so let’s communicate!

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