Vocare 19

“Words breathe life into every thing.”  Bob Gass

As you might have guessed by now – I love words.

Words are a uniquely human way of communicating.

And I’m all about it.

Take the Latin word vocare.

It means ‘calling’.

And the word vocation comes from it.

How apt.

I believe we’re all called to a vocation of some kind.

And when we work with care – we see our calling in a brighter light.

We also work with a higher purpose in mind.

PS: As a Voiceover professional, I like to think of vocare to mean: the care I provide to my Voiceover (VO) clients.

They are my “VOcare”.

Vocare 18

Vocare 17

What kind of specialized service do you provide for your clients?

I value you + your views, so let’s communicate!

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