Unity = Community

Unity=Community 22

“We haven’t been called to compare, to compete, to complain, or to criticise one another.

No, we’ve been called to complement one another!”  Bob Gass

Ah yes…to complement one another.

Not to be confused with tickling one another’s ears with compliments of praise –

…but instead; to be another one that helps to make-up the whole.

 One that aids in completing and bringing to perfection.

This is the ultimate calling on our lives.

This is the unselfish act that brings about unity and community.

We can be joined as a whole when we make room for each other.

When we celebrate diversity we complement one another –

…and colour-in the circle of our lives.

We also represent a unity that will always equal a healthier community.

Unity=Community 1

Unity=Community 20

Share one of the tight-knit communities you belong to.

I value you + your views, so let’s communicate!

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