This Fire

This Fire 11

There is a blaze.

A personal + professional fire.

We can feel the flames.

They’re all around us.

It’s uncomfortable because we prefer cool comfort.

But we’re all singed by it.

If we’re not – something’s wrong.

We need to feel the heat.

Because, this fire

…this “furnace of affliction” –

…can refine us + redefine us.

This Fire 5

This Fire 3

This Fire 4

How have you been affected by recent events?

I value you + your views, so let’s communicate!

2 Comments on “This Fire”

  1. Ken

    Recent events have forced me to face my own white fragility and privilege. There is no place for racism in a just society. Thank you for calling us all out Debby. May the fire truly refine us before it devours us! BLM.

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