Thinking Outloud

Thinking Outloud 5

You know what I think?

I think it’s crowded inside our heads!

There’s so much stuff vying for our attention.

And it can be a mission to single-out the most important thing.

Yep, it’s not only crowded; it’s intense.

It all needs to be sorted, thought-through, prioritised and re-sorted.

So I’ve decided this is why lists are so essential.

Lists are a way of thinking out-loud and keeping ourselves organized.

Outlining our ideas, tasks, or our goals can be so helpful (and therapeutic!)

Well, this is my MO, anyway.

What’s yours?

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Thinking Outloud 7

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2 Comments on “Thinking Outloud”

  1. Mel

    Oh my I couldn’t survive without my lists Debby – what a great shout out! I still use the good old fashioned way of pencilling stuff out when I need to but nowadays I couple that with some nifty Apps so I’m using technology to help me along too. That combo works for me 😉

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