The Whelk

The Whelk 10

Have you ever noticed a small hole at the top of an oyster shell?

Ever wonder how it got there?

It’s actually created by the whelk – a wee ocean creature that uses an auger-like appendage to drill the hole.

This hole makes it easier to suck the oyster through, bit by bit until the shell is vacant.

So my Sunday #SideLines question for us to think about today is this:

Who is our “whelk”?

Who is irritating us, sapping our strength + leaving us feeling empty?

Let’s identify him or her –

…so we can avoid them for the sake of our all-round well being.

It’s an irritant we can do without!

The Whelk 3

The Whelk 2

Could it be time to identify your ‘whelk’?

I value you + your views, so let’s communicate!

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