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God bless Dr. John Maxwell.

He wrote the book: ‘Thinking for a Change’.

In it – he lists eleven different types of thinking.

Big picture thinking

Focused thinking

Creative thinking

Realistic thinking

Strategic thinking

Possibility thinking

Reflective thinking

Questioning popular thinking

Shared thinking

Unselfish thinking

Bottom line thinking

And it all makes sense.

 We think because our minds are ‘wired’ to reason.     

It’s how we develop our opinions.

And it’s how we become the enlightened, thoughtful thinkers we need to be.

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I consider myself a Reflective + Creative thinker. What type are you?

I value you + your views, so let’s communicate!

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  1. Mel

    Hey Debby – apologies I’ve been a bit lapse with the ol’ responses! I didn’t see over-thinker in the list….that’s me! From the list I think I’m a possibility thinker for sure ;-). You are absolutely a creative thinker you’re right there m’lady!

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