The Improvement Channel

The Improving Channel 7

Like a TV, we have “channels” too.

And I think we always have our personal or professional “channel” on something.

We’re always tuned to the next ‘station of being’ –

…in order to get the results we want and/or need.

So if you’re the type of person wired for purpose, discipline + determination –

…your channel is probably set on ‘improving’.

This is good.

Because improvement usually leads to profitable results.

The Improving Channel 2

What’s one improvement you intend to make this Autumn?

I value you + your views, so let’s communicate!

PS: I’ll be on a personal + professional sabbatical for three months, so Sunday #SideLines! will be back in January.

So…Happy Halloween / Happy Thanksgiving / Happy Christmas + Happy New Year!


4 Comments on “The Improvement Channel”

  1. Ken

    Reading your Sunday Sidelines are a constant source of improvement for me Debby! Thanks for sharing them.

  2. Steve

    As you know Debby, my podcast is all about self-improvement, my work is about helping others to improve. I’m working on making videos for learning, and this Autumn I’ve already started developing my editing skills. The improvement will be in applying the process more quickly, and moving from ‘conscious competent’ to ‘unconscious competent ‘. Well, at least that’s the plan! SteeeeeVO

  3. Debby Barnes

    Your plan is ACE. And so is your podcast! You’ve really grown from great to awesome, due to your content, your trusty skills + your constant desire to improve. Well done, SteeVO. Keep on keeping on. You’ll be unconsciously competent before you know it!

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