The Almighty Ant

The Almighty Ant 7

One of the greatest examples of diligence is the almighty ant.

Picture the ant carrying a bit of food that’s much too big a load for it’s back.

Yet – even when the ant continually drops it, the ant picks it up, and carries on.

Driven by hunger – the ant stays fixed on it’s destination.

This hunger is the motivating force.

It keeps each ant at task all summer so there’s enough food through the winter.

What a simple lesson on the importance of work and how it pays off.

‘Take a lesson from the ants…Learn from their ways and become wise!’   Prob. 6:6 NLT

Very simply:

We were created to work.

The Almighty Ant 10

The Almighty Ant 11

What kind of work motivates you?

I value you + your views, so let’s communicate!

2 Comments on “The Almighty Ant”

  1. Renee Rosetti Stagliano

    Debbie if I may ,your mindset regarding the ant sums up how little we appreciate what we have. In the world today the tiny ant of whom works so hard to substane hurger , should allow all of us to understand how blessed we are.Your thought made me stop and think .A walk to the corner store and I can full my hunger.Imaing the worry of what will I eat all winter ,or even a day or two,allowed me to feel embarrassed as to the the thought of how I complain at times about trivial material things that I offten feel I should have. After all I always worked so hard!!! Thank you and the tiny ant for that large lesson.

  2. Debby Barnes

    Renee, your response to my humble blogette really blessed me. Seriously. Every point you shared was/is spot-on. And so we agree! Cheers, for chiming-in. I’m grateful.

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