The Almighty Ant

The Almighty Ant 7

One of the greatest examples of diligence is the almighty ant.

Picture the ant carrying a bit of food that’s much too big a load for it’s back.

Yet – even when the ant continually drops it, the ant picks it up, and carries on.

Driven by hunger – the ant stays fixed on it’s destination.

This hunger is the motivating force.

It keeps each ant at task all summer so there’s enough food through the winter.

What a simple lesson on the importance of work and how it pays off.

‘Take a lesson from the ants…Learn from their ways and become wise!’   Prob. 6:6 NLT

Very simply:

We were created to work.

The Almighty Ant 10

The Almighty Ant 11

What kind of work motivates you?

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