The AIL 14

The AIL?


As in: ‘The African Impala Lesson’.

The African Impala is a medium-sized antelope born to jump.

It jumps ten feet high and thirty feet long.

But get this:

When it’s caught and held in a small, three foot high, walled enclosure –

…it stays there!

And why would it remain in such a small space given it was born to jump?

Because the walls obstruct it’s view.

So it refuses to jump because it can’t actually see where it will land.

True confession:

Sometimes – I see myself in this animal.

Do you?

Then let’s leap more in 2018!

The AIL 10

The AIL 0

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6 Comments on “The AIL”

  1. Cynthia Tun

    That is so true! Change is like that, you must leap into the unknown to create the change in your life. Scary!

  2. Mel

    Oh Debby this is a gooden! It’s natural for most of us to be cautious – for the same reason as the beautiful impala. Why would you jump if you can’t see that it’s safe to land? Even when you’ve seen someone else do it, it doesn’t make it any easier to do it yourself does it? So we learn over the years, as Cynthia has already said, that sometimes we have to find the courage to leap to take us in a different, and sometimes unfamiliar direction. BUT the more leaping you do, and the increasing tally of safe landings, hopefully means you try it more often and continue to add to the experiences in your life. And p.s. – don’t forget to tell your kids about your ‘leaps’ so they know that it’s ok (and normal) to feel scared, that it’s not always easy…. but most often worthwhile to try 😉

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