Sunflower Reverence

Sunflower Reverence 0

I just bet –

…Cortona will be especially hot again this year.

And its fields will be full-of “soldiers” lined-up in solidarity.

Many will have lost their bright and beautiful Tuscan “smiles”.

So they won’t be facing the sun in unfailing allegiance.

Instead – they’ll be charred from the heat of their unrelenting life –

…burnt-out where they’ve grown.

Yet, the position they wilt in will be one of reverence.

Because all their weary heads will be bowed.

You see –

…even sunflowers understand what it means to honour their Creator, come what may.

Sunflower reverence will forever move me.

Sunflower Reverence 4

Sunflower Reverence 7

 *This summer will be the first one in over 25 years that I won’t be able to bask in the Cortona sun + give thanks for its people, its glorious landscape + the palpable abondanza of all things Italy. Because of the pandemic we’re facing, I’ll be remaining at home. I’m not complaining – I’m just acknowledging it with my humble Sunday #SideLines.

Grateful for you, life + our Cortona, Italy.

What will you be missing most this summer?

I value you + your views, so let’s continue communicating!

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  1. Mary Matthews

    An eloquent analogy. If I happen to see a sunflower or sunflowers today I will give it a nod & a wink as We are one of the same
    Thank you.

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