Sufficient Thought

Sufficient Thought 1

I’m wondering out loud again.

This time I’m musing about ‘thinking’, itself.

I’m pondering whether or not we give sufficient thought to how we behave –

…personally + professionally,

…online + offline.

It’s a question we might need to dwell on a bit.

Do we really ‘think before we act’?

Do we give adequate reasoning to what we’re contemplating.

It’s a choice consequence world we live in, so this is important.

Essential, really.

Because sufficient thought leads to a better understanding.

And a better understanding leads to better decisions.

Sufficient Thought 11

Sufficient Thought 10

What do you need to better understand in order to make a good move.

I value you + your views so let’s communicate!

4 Comments on “Sufficient Thought”

  1. Joann Leone

    I believe everyone should think before they act. You must all help one another. So many people are bitter, that they take it out on others. Life is hard enough as it is. Have a Blessed Day.

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