Stradivari Wisdom

Stradivari Wisdom 11

Antonio Stradivari, the Italian luthier and crafter of string instruments –

…was asked why he only used trees that had weathered the biggest storms to make his violins.

He replied: “Weather-beaten wood makes the sweetest music.”

Ahhh…what a response.

What an arrow of wisdom.

This quote shoots straight-into to the heart and mind of our understanding about perseverance.

And so it goes.

Only after we’re tried and tested do we get to dance to the music of our victories!

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Stradivari Wisdom 13

What one person or thing helps you stay in a perseverance mode?

I value you + your views, so let’s communicate!

2 Comments on “Stradivari Wisdom”

  1. Mel

    Ah the perseverance nutshell. I’ve always thought that it’s a character trait – we all have differing levels. Which I still believe Debby, BUT as a parent I’ve learned that whilst that is true your perseverance can also be fuelled, encouraged or guided by something or someone. My perseverance in my younger years was very much about it being in my nature. As an adult it’s much more driven by providing for my family and of course knowing that your behaviour is feeding the learned behaviour of our future generations. Here’s to continuing the perseverance mode into 2019 Debby!

  2. Debby

    Your response is full of honesty, truth and wisdom, dearie and I appreciate the way you lay it out. So I’m raising a glass with you to toast both of our efforts to persevere now and always! Cheers, Mel.

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