Sometimes 10


We need to stop the clock –

…listen to our inner-spirit whisper –

…breathe more deeply –

…slip-into a healthier place –

…allow ourselves some tranquility  +

…re-balance our scales.

Because those times are some of the best – and they fuel the rest.

Sometimes 6

Sometimes 11

What’s your wellness check look like?

I value you + your views, so let’s communicate!

Have a safe + refreshing summer!

6 Comments on “Sometimes”

  1. Steve O

    1. Daily meditation
    2. Daily exercise
    3. Gratitude journal at bedtime
    4. Weekly check in with partner to talk about how our relationship is, and plans for the coming week

  2. Voiceover Tish E.

    1. Daily Prayer. It aligns my mindset and brings me comfort and wisdom.

    2. Exercise. Daily walks; my dog keeps me accountable and strength training to keep me fit.

    3. Daily Reading. I’m a self-published author, so it’s second nature for me to do.

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