Roundabout Options

Roundabout Options 2

I discovered roundabouts when I moved to England.

They were a curious thing to me at first – but over time, I grew to appreciate them.

What appealed to me most, was that once you were safely inside them –

…you had options.

The key was to be suitably prepared as you approached them.

Because once you knew where you were going –

…you’d choose the correct lane for your destination.

And if you missed your turn, they could be quite forgiving.

You’d just keep circling the roundabout until you found your way.

Life is full of roundabouts, too.

And it’s a comforting metaphor.

Because just when we think we’re going around in circles –

…life points us in the right direction.

Roundabout Options 18

Roundabout Options 13

What kind of options have you been considering lately?

I value you + your views, so let’s communicate!

2 Comments on “Roundabout Options”

  1. Mel

    Hey there Debby! I’m back…and what a timely post for me to jump back in when I’m re-grouping and reviewing ‘what’s next?’! I love the roundabout analogy…..the safety of circling if you’ve missed your exit, or just simply need a bit of extra time to decide which one to take. The beauty in life though is that we get to label the exits….and if you seemingly take the wrong one, you can always go back and take the other. If only life were that simple eh?! Hope you’re having a great week :-)

    1. Debby

      Welcome back, Mel! Yep – I’ve definitely missed you, BUT you’ve been busy with some very important activities! Congrats, again! And thanks a bunch for weighing-in. Your contribution is ALWAYS thoughtful.

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