Rebuke Your Jack Stories!

Rebuke Your Jack Stories 7

Ahh…”The Jack Story.”

I’ve always known it to be:

‘The irrational tendency to work one’s self up by creating an outrageous scenario,

…that probably WON’T happen.’

It’s no fun.

And it can throw a monkey wrench into our works like nothing else.

It also creates a HUGE, unamusing ‘what-if’ state of mind.

We can get the blues just contemplating our imagined “Jack Story”.

The fact of the matter is;

…we gain nothing by obsessing on the worst things that could happen.

And we sap the strength we need to be better problem solvers!

So…rebuke your Jack Stories!

Rebuke Your Jack Stories 4

Rebuke Your Jack Stories 6

William Horberg: “The Jack Story”

Fun Fact:

This particular story was also part of a famous old comedic stage routine by Danny Thomas!

In what area of your life do ‘Jack Stories’ haunt you?

I value you + your views, so let’s communicate!

4 Comments on “Rebuke Your Jack Stories!”

  1. Mel

    Ah Debby – the nightmare of ‘what ifs’! On the upside though – if you are a what-if kinda character – then use it to your advantage & be prepared for all the possible scenarios ;-). Sometimes the what-if bods are better prepared when things don’t quite go to plan as they’ve imagined it and worked it through already!

  2. Christine

    I love this quote from this video!
    “Worry for Maggie”

    “For me, knowing when to let go of worry has never been clear. But what is clear is that worry has no real power.”
    – John Chester from Apricot Lane Farms

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