Prayed Up!

Prayed Up 27

We get..

Swept-up, Geared-up, Hooked-up and Shown-up

Tripped-up, Picked-up, Backed-up and Held-up

Hurried-up, Wound-up, Shook-up and Fed-up

Rounded-up, Doubled-up, Fastened-up and Pushed-up

Shaken-up, Laid-up, Fixed-up and Swallowed-up

Dolled-up, Paired-up, Sweetened-up and Puffed-up

But when do we get prayed-up?

We can’t let-up

…until we’re prayed-up!

Prayed Up 23

Prayed Up 21

What do you need to get prayed-up about?

I value you + your views, so let’s communicate!

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