Other Centric 6

We live in a me-centric age.


(One wishes this wasn’t the case, but it is.)

Being other-centric is alien to most of us.

But, I think it’s critical that we order ourselves out of this me mindfulness –

…and into an intentional state of other mindfulness.

It’s a moral choice.

 But one that’s worth making.

When we choose to become more sensitive, respectful, considerate + cooperative with one another –

…we’re making a conscious decision to be other-centric.

So, let’s shake-off the ‘me first’ state of mind.

And adopt an other-centric state of being.

“In serving one another, we become free.”

(Inscription on the round table of King Arthur and His Knights.)

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Other Centric 14

Share one creative way you can serve someone this week.

I value you + your views, so let’s communicate!

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