Logjams 4

Ever heard of a logjam?

It can be a crowded mass of logs blocking a river –

…or it can be a situation that seems irresolvable.

You might be interested to know that there is usually a ‘key log’ that creates the jam. 

And once identified and moved, every thing flows as it’s supposed to.

So if/when we get stuck and we’re experiencing this kind of jam – 

…we need to pinpoint it or ask some one we trust to help us pinpoint it.

This is how we’ll clear the problem and get the results we need –

…so every thing flows as it should?

Logjams 13

Logjams 2

When did you last experience a “logjam”.

I value you + your views, so let’s communicate!

2 Comments on “Logjams”

  1. Mel

    Ah the logjams, don’t you just hate them? The key thing in this piece for me Debby is asking someone you trust to help pinpoint them. Often we’re blind to that ‘key log’ that someone else can see so clearly. Help from others is invaluable in so many ways isn’t it?

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