Living In The Flow

Living In The Flow 10

Though the sound of “in the flow” does something to our senses –

…it’s actually considered a very real state of BEing.

Apparently, athletes believe their ‘flow’ is: “being in the zone”.

It evokes a calm, peaceful feeling and is considered the psychology of happiness.

 People that recognise this associate it with pleasurable work and/or activities.

So, I like to think that when we’re living our best lives –

…we’re living in that flow.

It’s good, it’s fulfilling and it’s a place of awareness worth staying in.

Living In The Flow 1

Living In The Flow 2

Are you ‘living in the flow’?

I value you + your views, so let’s communicate!

2 Comments on “Living In The Flow”

  1. Mel

    It’s an aspiration we should all have isn’t it to be permanently living in the flow?! Whilst I do a lot of the time I’d be the first to admit that life’s challenges thrown at as kinda put a spanner in the works every now and then. But that’s life isn’t it? I think it’s fine to accept that a permanent state of living in the flow, whilst idyllic, is not actually possible. And dare I say healthy….after all it’s life challenges that make us who we are :-). Great, thought provoking sideline as always Debby, thank you. Have a wonderful Easter break!

  2. Debby

    And what a thought provoking response. Cheers, Mel! Yep – one would hope to live ‘in the flow’ 24/7, but perhaps we can if we consider our particular life’s rythym IS our particular flow! Happy Easter/Spring, lovely.

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