Internal Motivation

Internal Motivation 19

I wonder.

Do we ever take notice of our internal (or intrinsic) motivation?

You know –

…the stuff we enjoy doing for ourselves.

(The vital activities that keep us sharp, happy and self-satisfied.)

Whether it’s planting, painting, sailing, or singing –

…doing various things that we enjoy, is a positive activity that will enhance our lives.

And any thing that enhances our lives usually makes us more effective all ’round –

…especially in our day to day business.

Internal Motivation 9

Internal Motivation 6

What kind of creative things do you do for yourself?

I value you + your views, so let’s communicate!

2 Comments on “Internal Motivation”

  1. Elizabeth Ann Pagels

    Love the gentle wise shalom of truth here that simplifies and unravels what our storms have stirred up. Let us keep sharing these sifted treasures of the healing hearts. We’ll Praise Yahweh and thank one another for releasing the “doves” to bring back hope of Yahweh’s promises, to our hearts. The beauty of the sacrifice of praise be upon us to share in all good things unto the salvation of the lost ⚓️ Forever Agape E.A.P.

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