Head Bubbles

Head Bubbles 1

Have you ever thought about –

…what the invisible “bubbles” over our head read like?

What does our facial grammar say?

What do our actions convey?

What does our body language express?

Can people actually ‘read’ the unspoken asides we wish we could blurt out?

Does our non-verbal behaviour speak a thousand words?

It’s an interesting topic to consider.

Do we wear positive or negative head bubbles?

Head Bubbles 15

Head Bubbles 13

I value you + your views, so let’s communicate!

2 Comments on “Head Bubbles”

  1. SteveO

    Always thought provoking Debby – hopefully some of my bubbles are kept to myself!

    As we know the Mehrabian idea that only 7% is the words and the rest is tone and body language is very powerful.

    It’s not what he actually said, but I think the idea is sticky for a reason. Cliches are cliches because they have an element of truth. Great stuff Dabs as always!

  2. Debby

    Wow. What a chunky comment, SteeVO. Thanks a bunch! The Mehrabian idea is spot-on. We’re private critters, ‘eh? But we express ourselves even in silence. That’s why none of us escape our “head bubbles”! What a brilliant exchange, pal.

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