Fill Your Lacuna

Fill Your Lacuna 19

Words fascinate me.

So lacuna grabbed me straight-away.

What’s a lacuna?

Well, the simple Merriam-Webster Dictionary definition is –

‘…a missing part, a blank or empty unfilled space or gap’.

The Psychology Dictionary definition is –

‘…a gap or break, say, a gap in memory’.

The “Debby Dictionary” definition of lacuna is: An unfulfilled longing.

So, I ask you.

Is there a personal and/or professional ‘space’ in your life that needs to be filled?

And what do you need to fill it with?

Because if you know it’s something that will improve you –

…you should find it and fill your lacuna.

Your exploratory “dive” could produce a pearl!

Fill Your Lacuna 16

Fill Your Lacuna 15

What have you discovered that fills your “lacuna”.

I value you + your views, so let’s communicate!

4 Comments on “Fill Your Lacuna”

  1. Larry Wayne

    After years of planning, I am filling my lacuna, (nice word) by preparing to move into a new home that we are building in the country. This has been a longing, almost a tugging on both of our hearts. My wife designed the home herself, and after countless delays, we will be moving into our new home in a matter of weeks. I will have a new studio there so I will continue to do voice work. Dean, my bride, will have her own craft room to work on a variety of projects. It has been both exciting and overwhelming, but we are happy campers fulling our lacuna’s!

  2. Debby Barnes

    Oh my land. This is the very essence of filling your “lacuna”, Larry; and I can’t thank you enough for sharing it. Congrats! May all your striving lead to thriving!

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