Hannah Broadway

Have you ever thought about the professional choices you’ve made over the years?

When I consider my own professional choices –

 …I realise it’s always been about communicating with my voice.

As an ASL (American Sign Language) to Spoken English Interpreter.

As a CCM (Christian Contemporary Music) Singer/Songwriter.

And, as a VOT (Voice-Over Talent).

So in light of the fact that communication means “to share” –

…sharing must be in my bones.

And communicating makes it easy.

So what’s your favourite way of communicating?

My fav quote of the week:

“While the written word holds great power, it is the voice that immediately stirs our souls and creates a visceral reaction in our emotional and physical being.”    David Rosenthal 

 GVAA’s (Global Voice Acting Academy) David Rosenthal is one of the nation’s top voice over coaches, as well as the founder of

Communicating 00

Communicating 16

I value you + your views,, so let’s communicate!

** More grateful thanks to Hannah Broadway for the fine funky feature image!**

2 Comments on “Communicating”

  1. Mel

    Simples! Always communicate, in whatever form or scenario this may be, in the way you would wish to be on the receiving end of. Apply that rule and you’re on to a winner every time in my humble opinion!

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