Chirpy Chums

Chirpy Chums 14

Call’em ‘chirpy chums’ or ‘rally cats’.

Those virtual pals who post, tweet or e-mail their encouragement.

They’re the ones that give you unsolicited strokes just for being you.

They’re the kind of human beings who rush to be part of your cheering section –

…because they can’t wait to applaud you.

They stir-you-up + spur you on.

And they always seem ready to give you a motivational shot-in-the-arm.

Your promoters. Your champions. Your supporters.

They’re a buoy-you-up bunch, they are.

And they stand unreservedly in place.

Thank God for chirpy chums!

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Chirpy Chums 10

Acknowledge a few chirpy chums that sing your praises.

I value you + your views, so let’s communicate!

4 Comments on “Chirpy Chums”

  1. Debby

    And do I ever, Jay. It has such a beautiful affect on the inner spirit of another, so I’m really pleased you’ve made it your mission to be a ‘chirpy chum’! THANK YOU for posting this comment, pal!

  2. Mel

    I have my Cheerleading pom poms all the way for you Debby!! And thank you so much in return for your continual support too. It sure is a shot-in-the-arm as you say! So lovely to catch up last week. x

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