Call It An Education

Call It An Education 16

Failure is an education.

Even Thomas Edison knew that.

He experienced countless failures on his journey to discovery.

BUT – he refused to give up.

He remained steadfast + determined.

And his grit produced an illuminating revelation.

He not only found-out what did and didn’t work –

…he discovered the light bulb! 

Call It An Education 0

Call It An Education 20

Name a failure that led to your success?

I value you + your views, so let’s communicate!


6 Comments on “Call It An Education”

  1. Ken

    More than I can count – with more to come, but I learn a little something each time. Thanks for reminding me Debby!

  2. Melissa Snoey

    Well…I’m a HORRIBLE landlord, I do not command authority and don’t like collecting money! But, I’m so surprised at how this had been an extreme lesson in boundaries. I’ve been outnumbered and intimidated, but FAKE IT TILL YOU MAKE IT philosophy works when I have to muscle certain individuals out! Very empowering, show NO FEAR!

  3. Debby

    Oh Melissa. I hear you, luv. And what you described is SO apt. Yep – more fearless finger posts to your eventual achievements, ‘eh?! You GO. Thanks a bunch for weighing-in.

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