Beyond The Transaction

Beyond The Transaction 5

In my humble opinion –

…there is a place; a place every solopreneur should consider.

It’s above and beyond every project.

 It one-ups each business arrangement.

It supersedes every agreement.

It stretches further than the transaction.

And exceeds expectations.

Though the initial business exchange is exciting ~

…it’s not as exciting as pleasing each client with the excellence of our work.

And that lasts well beyond the transaction.

Beyond The Transaction 18

Beyond The Transaction 0

How do you ensure you’re making a lasting impression on your clients?

I value you + your views, so let’s communicate!

11 Comments on “Beyond The Transaction”

    1. Debby

      What a word, Peter. Thank you for chiming in! It’s all about the effort of meeting needs and building client relationships. Cheers!

  1. SteveO

    What a great ethic. I’ve not heard it put this way before, and you’re absolutely right Debbie. In sport the ‘follow through’ is key when kicking, hitting or throwing a ball. So when recording we should consider our ‘follow through’ which happens days/weeks after our bit is done. This is smashing, and of course I know these aren’t just words – you deliver your words right past the transaction and beyond.

  2. Debby

    OML – another comment that made my day! I’m so pleased you liked my quirky take on this. And what you shared is so interesting, SteeVO. Grateful me! (Yep, autocorrect is beautiful/terrible, ‘eh?

  3. Mel

    Oo I’m late to the party this week aren’t I?! Quite simply make sure your clients remember you for the right reason – stand out – but in the best possible way ;-)……..and repeat!

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