Activity Addicts

Activity Addicts 5

I’ve heard: “It’s easy to start fast and fade quickly.”

It sure is. I know. I’ve done it.

When one is addicted to being busy, it feels good because it feels productive.

The truth is, many times the results don’t yield any thing that lasts, or is of worth.

Activity addicts need their quick fix, but it’s brief, frenetic + compulsive.

So much so, one can wind-up feeling empty instead of fulfilled.

On the other hand, when we slow down, reorganize our priorities + give the important things precedence –

…our body, mind, heart, soul + spirit stabilize.

We refresh + refuel.

And we get somewhere.

Slowly, but surely.

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PS: Maybe during our respective Christmas + New Year’s breaks, we can access our activity level + decide when/if we need to slow-down in order to re-prioritize.

Happy Holidays!

What’s one way you plan on prioritizing in 2021?

I appreciate you + your views, so let’s communicate!

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