A Likely Story

A Likely Story 13


They’re real.

They’re pernicious.

And they’re a likely story.

Because the people who devise them –

…are invisible intruders that prey on our ignorance and/or our vulnerabilities.

And they do so with evil intent, over and over again.

Their language is deliberately tricky and hooky –

…because they mean to damage, derail and destroy.

‘Likely Story’ or not, it’s theirs and they’re sticking to it.

So – know your likely stories.

And refuse to take the bait!

PS: “I have 10m dollars I’d like to deposit in one of your accounts…” LOL!

PSS: Another red flag is a message written ungrammatically.

A Likely Story 15

Cyber crime is real and it’s something we can effectively police ourselves.

A Likely Story 12

What kinds of things do you keep an eye on to guard yourself against cybercrime?

I value you + your views, so let’s communicate!


2 Comments on “A Likely Story”

  1. Mel

    Ugh Debby – what a sad reality eh? Thank you so much for the reminder to be vigilant. I guess the ol’ ‘it’s too good to be true’ is your first red flag (along with the typical grammar/spelling errors as you say) but nowadays they’re SO good at making it realistic enough for people to bite. Always, check with your friends first if you’re looking to jump at a supposed opportunity – just like we do! Maybe someone else has heard of them and can confirm yay or nay for you 😉

  2. Debby Barnes

    Loved your apt acknowledgment, Mel. And I totally agree. We can all see the red flags getting brighter by the day, ‘eh? So checking-in with someone you trust definitely helps!

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