A Beneficial Communion

A Beneficial Comminion 13

Our lives are enhanced when we live them “alongside” one another.

But, the ‘self-quarantine’ + ‘shelter-in-place’ restrictions we’re experiencing now –

…are a spanner in those works.

The COVID-19 pandemic has hit us hard, quickly + unawares.

And we’ve been forced to adapt.

So, in order to fortify each other’s lives –

…we’re going to have to lean-in + listen to each other remotely + more often.

And I believe the more we do this –

…the less critical, more tolerant, cued-up + peaceable people we’ll become.

People that actually inspire + motivate each other.


COVID-19 might lead us into a beneficial communion, of sorts.

And it could just be the making of us.

A Beneficial Communion 12

A Beneficial Communion 3

Note one of the benefits you’ve received from your online “communion”?

I value you + your views, so let’s communicate!

6 Comments on “A Beneficial Communion”

  1. Debby Barnes

    Then it’s agreed, Jan. At the end of the day, we’re all we’ve got. And we’re a benefit to each other in so many soul-profitable ways! So pleased you responded, luv.

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