A 2018 Initiative

A 2018 New Initiative 5

It’s time.

(It’s always time.)

For what – you ask?

It’s time to be fearless, firm, ferocious and fabulous.

And it’s time to sprint forward.

You see – there’s no better time.

The now time is the do-it time.

It’s the initiating season, if you will.

The new thing you’re going to be intentional about.

The deliberate choice you’re going to make for YOU.

Because only you have the power and imagination to make this new initiative.

Only you have the power to become a better you in 2018!

A 2018 Initiative 9

A 2018 New Initiative 6

What will you sprint toward in 2018?

I value you + your views, so let’s communicate!

4 Comments on “A 2018 Initiative”

  1. Mel

    Happy New Year Debby! Wow all those ‘F’s for us to think about……can I add one more that I plan on having more of this year (& hopefully you and your readers do too!)?……..FUN! It gets my vote anyway, and I know for sure it’ll get yours . Really looking forward to enjoying your pearls of wisdom to jolly us along too. Thanks Debby!

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